A Message from the Principal

Welcome to our Werrimull P-12 School webpage. Here you will find information about our school as well as updates on recent events. Werrimull P-12 School aims to create strong partnerships with our students, families and the wider community. I consider this to be your school.


Werrimull is the fifth school I have had the pleasure of leading as Principal. Our school is a busy place with many different opportunities and events occurring each day – keep in touch via the different links on this page so you can join us! I encourage you to familiarise yourself with Compass as this is becoming our main platform for communication.


I would like to acknowledge that families are the first and most enduring influence on a child’s development and play a significant role in a child’s learning. We aim to make the transition from kindergarten to school as smooth and positive as possible. Obviously, we have a strong connection and attachment to the Millewa Pre-School, our local kindergarten. We will work in partnership with you to help your child develop excellent academic, cultural, physical and social skills.

Curriculum planning at Werrimull is the result of our staff working hard during and beyond the normal school hours, and it is a credit to our leadership and teaching staff. Our dedicated team work hard to ensure our students receive a well-rounded program that aims to develop the whole child. Core subjects such as Literacy and Mathematics are very important, but we also have a high priority on other subjects such as Design, SOSE, Science and Technology. We are proud of the extra support and challenge programs we offer at Werrimull including the new tutoring program established this year. The tutoring program supports some and extends and challenges other students at their point of need. We encourage all students to participate in the NAPLAN testing and celebrate results with pride.

Werrimull P-12 is a wonderful school with a staff who are highly qualified and committed to ongoing improvement for all students. With a student population of approximately 30, we are situated in the township of Werrimull in north-western Victoria on spacious grounds. Students enjoy a range of areas in which to play and develop. They are fortunate to enjoy vast spaces including a tennis court and full-size oval and swimming pool onsite.

Facilities include wonderful grounds starting from the moment you entire the gates with new turf recently laid by our students as part of their community program. We have Library hubs, an amazing Art/Technical Design Room, fully resourced kitchen, workshop for metal work and woodwork, modern classrooms, full size football oval, basketball courts and other spaces including playground equipment for students of all ages to explore. There are many mature shade-trees, lawn areas and play areas. In the last two terms students have been involved in planting many trees and shrubs which has provided a great sense of pride in our school, particularly our recent vegetable garden which is a shared space we call our Community Garden.

Academically, we provide a challenging and comprehensive curriculum for each child in a caring and stimulating environment. Our teachers are highly skilled professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds. Werrimull P-12 School aims to be a dynamic, thriving, learning community.


We aim to facilitate success in all areas of learning and encourage children to develop to their full potential, academically, emotionally, physically and socially. At Werrimull we encourage the development of confident, articulate and independent learners who demonstrate self-discipline, self-reliance and a pride in themselves and their school.

Each child’s happiness, confidence, feelings of security and belonging are all coupled with an emphasis on attaining the highest standards for each and every child. We aim for them to be literate and numerate, to promote their health and wellbeing and to encourage interaction with others in a positive and caring way. We speak often about making good choices. Our incursion, excursion, student leadership, speaking competition and camps to name a few promote personal growth, resilience and confidence in students.


At Werrimull P-12 School, each child is provided with care and support, where relationships with peers and staff convey respect, creating a sense of belonging and connectedness. Children are nurtured in an environment characterised by high expectations with opportunities for participation, leadership, goal setting, autonomy and personal development through a range of extra-curricular activities. With parents, we share responsibility for encouraging children to develop a sense of purpose while building resilience.

At Werrimull we believe that children learn best when:

  • They are actively involved in their learning
  • They take responsibility for their own learning
  • There is clear demonstration and expectation
  • They have a positive self esteem
  • The learning fulfils their own needs, purpose and interest
  • There are positive links between home and school


Parents are encouraged to participate in our programs, sporting events, school activities and School Council. We welcome your support, as your involvement will strengthen links between home and school and enhance the educational achievements of your children. Parental involvement covers a wide range of activities including shared reading, sporting activities and special events and activities. Programs at Werrimull P-12 are supported formally by a hard working School Council who oversee all aspects of the school’s management.

We enjoy an open and friendly atmosphere and welcome community input and feedback about your school. I look forward to welcoming you to Werrimull P-12 School. If at any time you wish to discuss any aspect of our school, or your child’s welfare or progress, please do not hesitate to contact me for a chat, or to arrange an interview time.


I invite you to contact me personally if you have any questions or would like a tour of our wonderful school of which I am proud to lead.




Jim Hill


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